Highlights of the Infinite Consciousness Conference – VIDEO

Dec 25, 2016 | Events

Dear All,
As a Christmas present from the Laszlo Institute, please enjoy our one-hour long video of the highlights of the Infinite Consciousness Conference.



Ervin Laszlo;

Raymond Moody;

Eben Alexander;

Jude Currivan;

Pim van Lommel;

Stephan Schwartz.



A Note on the Conference

This international meeting of world-renowned thinkers and scientists was dedicated to what may be the most important question of Your life: is Your consciousness mortal and ending with the demise of Your body, or is it a basic phenomenon in nature that continues beyond this life – and life after life? At this mid-summer gathering in Tuscany, this question was raised and discussed by some of the top authorities in consciousness research.

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Happy Holidays!


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Holistic Information Medicine – The Course

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