Superpower docuseries

Mar 22, 2021 | Events

Ignite your intuitive intelligence with the Superpower docuseries


This 10-part docuseries will feature episodes that address our every day lives. Masters will teach us how to let go of fear and overwhelm and tap into our most powerful selves.

Our series reveals the scientific data and historical use of intuitive abilities by some of the top consciousness experts in the world. You will also gain tips from masters to help you relieve the stress, overwhelm, and fear, to quiet your world enough to hear what your wiser self is telling you.

Science is finally catching up with what mystics have known for thousands of years. Our experts will discuss what our government and corporations have been using for decades.

PREMIERES APRIL 6 – 15, 2021

A NEW, 10-episode docuseries addresses what SCIENTISTS, DOCTORS, and other SPECIALISTS are discovering about our INTUITIVE abilities!
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Other Events

Ervin Laszlo – The Tulum Proclamation

Ervin Laszlo – The Tulum Proclamation

The meeting of NetSpirit, the Club of Budapest, and the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research in Tulum comes at a critical juncture in the history of humankind: the future of civilization hangs in the balance.

We have reached what we have been calling “the chaos point” — the point where the old is no longer functional and the new is not yet born. This is where history can be made. Not until such a time can shifts in human values and vision create shifts in human behavior, and shifts in human behavior decide the fate of generations yet to come. Not until today could the perceptions of so few decide the fate of so many.