Dr. Ervin Laszlo is again a guest on Gregg Braden & Friends – Series Special

Nov 16, 2021 | News

Gregg Braden & Friends Series Special! Who are we and where have we come from? Follow Ervin Laszlo’s LEGACY Series www.gaia.com/legacy-el whose research reveal some startling discoveries of our untapped potential as a sapient species connected with a conscious coherent universe. Updates.

How can we experience a reality beyond the physical? Ervin Laszlo explains that our experience of this world is not limited to the here and now, as perceived by the eyes and ears. Music is an ideal example of our enhanced ability to perceive reality beyond the physical. Our ears pick up the vibrations in the air, but our minds are aware of so much more. This is something that Erivn has a great deal of experience with, as he recounts his years as a concert pianist and his evolution into a philosopher with doctoral degrees.

How can we bring about the massive change needed to change the world? Ervin Laszlo offers guidelines to help us individually reach states of coherence which can be expanded to work together, with other people who have achieved this themselves. Coherence, is a key concept for the wellbeing of an individual, as super-coherence is necessary for the wellbeing of our civilization. Learning to work together, in this way, will change the way we operate as a society and bring about a whole-systemic way of thinking and interacting. The time is right, as the internet brings us the means to injecting these concepts into a global-mindset, which is on the verge of reaching critical mass for change.

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