Ervin Laszlo is on the Cover of The Owl Magazine!

Apr 25, 2023 | News

Get up close and personal as Ervin Laszlo shares his journey from child prodigy as a pianist to philosopher, academic and today as an activist. Find out what inspires Ervin at 90 years old to continue to work to bring coherence and consciousness to our world. You can read some quotes from Ervin’s deep dive interview below:

“Einstein said, there are two ways we can live our life: as if everything is a miracle, or as if nothing is. He believed that everything in this universe is miraculous and devoted his life to understanding the nature of that universe.

That is just what I am trying to do. Understanding it doesn’t make the universe less miraculous, only more awe-inspiring. We behold the miracle and realize that we are part of it. We are miraculous beings.”

“I think this is the most exciting time anyone could have been born into. It’s a time when the past is no longer a heavy hand, constraining us from doing what we need to do and can do. It’s a time of inherent freedom. We have a high level of consciousness, and we can perceive and try to understand the world. We need to perceive it well, and then act in light of our understanding.”

“We need a new paradigm for our thinking and acting—a new mindset. It’s already being born. Contributing to its birth is our historic task and our ineluctable mission. It is the most exciting and important task any generation has ever been offered to take in hand.”

Here is the link to read the full magazine

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