aitia institute

AITIA Institute

AITIA – a Greek word used by Aristotle in his philosophical writings to mean “cause” or “purpose”. The word AITIA resonates well with the purpose of the AITIA Institute, as we reimagine the 21st century world view of leadership and business.

MISSION. AITIA Institute, is a Singapore head-quartered non for profit organization that brings to life the decades of East West research. We are a platform that fuses Eastern wisdom and Western process using mindful practices as foundation to leadership and organizational development. Meeting the 21st Century challenge require change to who we are being, beyond what we are doing. We promote mindful awareness to enable human connectedness and shifting of consciousness of self and collective. We believe that consciousness is the mother of all capital, the wisdom and creativity within each of us, waiting to be awaken.

PILLARS. Mindfulness practices are the foundation of all AITIA programs. We believe that mindfulness is the gateway to our minds. We integrate mindful practices to deliver a holistic learning journey. Our mission is to nurture mindful relationships and bring positive impact to individual and collective, when applied to | Family Learning where family is our first community to nurture love and compassion | Family Business to advance the study of family business by families for families | Quantum Leadership to develop 21st century leaders and organizations | Philanthropy and Sustainability to discover purpose of existence.