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Ervin Laszlo received the Civic Merit of Montescudaio

Il Comune di Montescudaio (PI) ha premiando il dr. Ervin Laszlo, filosofo della scienza, come simbolo di impegno nell’affrontare tematiche politiche educative e sociali per dare alle nuove generazioni una nuova e ampia prospettiva.

EP. 12 Dawn of an Era of Well-Being – The Podcast

Today we have the distinct honor of speaking with the author, political activist, spiritual advisor, and one time US Presidential candidate, Marianne Williamson. You can expect a dynamic conversation as Williamson is rarely one to mince words, nor has she ever been known to flinch at confronting life’s uncomfortable truths.


New Paradigm in Sentience and Consciousness Online Symposium

Human consciousness can be generally understood as a form of awakened awareness raised to reflective knowing. Sentience is more a “quintessence” or “thusness” and relates to a qualia of being and an expression of aliveness and presence. Live MAY 14 – 15, 2022.