Source of Wonder

You know you feel it. Different. Strange. You’ve heard it before: The World has Changed. It’s a bit like stage-fright; suddenly hurled onto the stage of life with a new set, stripped of our old costumes, thrust into a new storyline before we even see the rewrite. And now we have to improvise. Or do we?

The Fuji Declaration states that infinite potential – our Divine Spark – dwells within every human being as part of a living, boundless Universe. Ervin Laszlo explains that Source belongs to everyone and every being ongoing. It is our resource for guidance and reconnecting to it is our true source of comfort and power. Our Source. It is the very fabric of the Cosmos we are expressions of – and at this poignant time of reckoning, Source is now beckoning.

When everything we’ve relied upon “out there” is crumbling … when every reassurance we sought “out there” is dissolving … how to access the guidance of something we can’t even see, touch, taste, or hear?

By learning to switch gears – from eyesight to insight, from listening to discerning, from feeling to sensing – the answers to our existential questions become clearer: Who are we and why are we here?

The Event

Join us for 4 days / 2 weekends in October to turn words into actions … to seize a golden global moment of opportunity and discover our magnificent Source of Wonder (of One-der) … to kindle harmonious transition to this new storyline with an esteemed international group of Change-makers, Game-changers, Creatives, and Eye-openers from multiple sectors (Consciousness, Education, Economy, Environment, Health, Science, The Arts, etc.).

Their unique essence and effervescence will talk us, dance us, sing us, laugh us, and artistically express us into our new realms of living, being, feeling … and ignite our Divine Spark on this wonderful journey to discover our Source of Wonder!

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