Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Signing of the Manifesto on the Spirit of Planetary Consciousness

Nov 28, 2016 | Published Books & Articles

The Club of Budapest is pleased to announce Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Signing of The Manifesto on the Spirit of Planetary Consciousness and The Club of Budapest Impact Program: Toward 2020.

At the Hungarian Academy of Science’s Conference Center in the Castle District of Budapest on December 3-4, 2016.

Twenty years ago, at the ceremonial Hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, a historic event took place with the participation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama:

World renowned thought leaders from many parts of the world came together to sign The Manifesto on the Spirit of Planetary Consciousness.

The spirit of planetary consciousness is as relevant today as it ever was, and its introduction into the practical affairs of humanity was and still is more urgent than ever. For that reason today, twenty years after the signing of the Manifesto, they called on their eminent Members and collaborators to reflect on how they can bring the spirit of planetary consciousness to the attention of leading business people, leading politicians, leading writers and artists, as well as well-intentioned people the world over in a way that they realize the importance and the urgency of placing it in the forefront of their own thinking and activities.

Their Consultation was to provide signposts for achieving this objective, and live up to the resolve of the Club of Budapest, proclaimed in their last general meeting in December of 2014, to transform themselves from a think-tank to a do-tank.

Latest Publications

Positive-impact companies: Toward a new paradigm of value creation – Science Direct

Positive-impact companies: Toward a new paradigm of value creation – Science Direct

By Ignacio Pavez, Lori D. Kendall, Chris Laszlo. The increasingly visible effects of climate change, the degradation of ecological systems, growing income inequality, and high levels of stress and disengagement in the workplace have dramatically increased corporate awareness of the need for integrating sustainability into business strategy. However, the focus of this awareness has largely emphasized finding ways to reduce the firm’s harmful impact from “bad” to “less bad” (e.g., when a company cuts its CO2 emissions by 50%). While this helps firms be less unsustainable, it diverts their focus from creating a more flourishing world, a place where people everywhere live in healthy communities, prosper, and can live life to the fullest. We propose that it is time for leaders to shift their thinking, and for companies to refocus their efforts, from reducing harm to making a positive impact, which we define as increasing economic prosperity while contributing to a healthy regenerative natural environment and improving human well-being.



Reconnecting to the Source is a powerful new book on the science of spiritual experience by Dr. Ervin Laszlo. A well-known figure in the fields of new science, consciousness, and spirituality, Dr. Laszlo has inspired some of today’s most important figures in science and philosophy. In Reconnecting to the Source he unpacks the science behind spiritual experience, investigating the ways in which we can access realms of experience beyond the everyday. It is in these moments, when our conscious minds are in contact or perhaps even overridden by our unconscious selves, that we can explore the depths of spiritual meaning.