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Frameworks Uniting Science and Spirituality

We are witnessing the emergence of a new humanity, in which oneness, love, and peace will prevail. New paradigms are forming that redefine what it means to be human, clarify the true goal of life, offer new ways for humans to interrelate, and illuminate humanity’s position within the cosmos. Although many people are attuned to this monumental transformation, the movement is currently only comprised of a tiny fraction of the world’s population. But today’s small number of buds will soon multiply to form millions of blossoms.

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White Paper for the Symposium on New Paradigm in Politics.
The current and now standard philosophy of contemporary politics and politicians is seriously outdated. It is based on an obsolete concept of the human being and human society. Seldom overtly acknowledged, it is this obsolete concept that underlies contemporary nation-state politics. Its operative assumption is that the universe is a chance-created mechanism, and life a random accident. The specific features of living species result from a succession of accidental events in the history of physico-chemical and biological evolution on this planet, and the features of human beings are due to the resulting fortuitous combination of their genes.

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