The Laszlo Institute is a ‘Think-Link-Do Tank’. Our consulting goes beyond traditional exchange of expertise to hands on workshops, prototyping new models and skills training so that your organisation is ‘future proof’, sustainable and is equipped for the undeniable paradigm shift sweeping our world..


Are you a school struggling with learning outcomes? Or are you a progressive school interested in being a New Paradigm Hub and preparing students with the skills of future leaders?

Healthcare & Wellbeing

Are you interested in Integrative Medicine, PNEI or Information Field Medicine?



Organisation & Institution

Are you interested in preparing your organisation with embedded sustainability, future business models and the skills of future leaders?



We are a think-link-do tank, consulting on organisational aspects, conceptual aspects, research and future skills training.

We customise our consulting services to your individual needs.

Contact us to discuss your personalised consulting service.

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