The Laszlo Institute ETS

The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research is an ETS. The Laszlo Institute offers Educational Programs, Publications, and Consulting Services. The Laszlo Institute is also pioneering transdisciplinary New Paradigm research which acts at a causal level systemically addressing the key challenges our world is facing today. Currently our key areas of New Paradigm Research are in Education, Healthcare and ‘Systemic Impact & Leadership’ (SIL).


The mission of the Institute is to foster open transdisciplinary inquiry into current science-based conceptions of the human being and his and her world. The Institute is to bring together open-minded and dedicated scientists and lay people from all parts of the world and all walks of life, to develop the emerging ideas and communicate them to people in their particular fields as well as to society at large. This mission embraces the task of eliciting, welcoming and responding to comments and responses to the reviewed conceptions, and inviting further comments and original ideas, creating an ongoing multilogue between the members and staff of the Institute and its respondents worldwide.

The Objectives

  1. The Institute seeks to become a leading-edge, internationally recognized center of research, promoting the new paradigm emerging in science and society, and exploring and disseminating its implications and applications in regard to human wellbeing and social and ecological sustainability.
  2. In the more technical dimensions of the pursuit of its objectives, the Institute is to clarify the scientific basis of the emerging new paradigm, thereby enhancing its credibility and promoting its application
  3. The Institute is to create prototypes and projects that apply new paradigm methods, worldviews and principles, using the principles of the new systems sciences as conceptual framework and scientific foundation.

About New Paradigm Research

New Paradigm Research is a transdisciplinary inquiry into humanly and socially relevant ideas and conceptions emerging above all in the sciences, but also in social media and other areas of contemporary culture. The purpose of the research is to articulate a coherent, meaningful view of the human being and his or her world, based on cutting-edge scientific research. The importance of this endeavor lies in providing an accurate and comprehensible picture of where we are today, and where we could be heading tomorrow. New-paradigm research is to open fresh theoretical and practical perspectives for constructive and humanly and ecologically sound paths beyond the crises that threaten existence in the biosphere of the planet. 


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