The research area of New Paradigm Business explores the principles and practices that inform conscious business practice in the 21st century.  New domains of business knowledge and practice are considered in ways that move progressively out from an understanding of the workings of the firm, to that of the industry, to that of society, to that of living ecosystemic contexts, to that of the integral health and wellbeing of our planet, to that of the quantum realm and the subtle connections of entanglement, to that of consciousness and sentience as non-local and transtemporal information fields that stand to inform business.



The subdomain of research into Quantum Leadership and Impact addresses how insights from quantum physics, quantum consciousness and computational technology provide guidance for the holistic, systemic, integral and collective intelligence potential of organization leadership and development.


Systemic Innovation provides a research focus on systems of shared solutions that emerge from the collective intelligence of innovation leaders and designers that are both globally informed and locally relevant in their application.  Research includes exploration of new methods, models and means of emerging innovation ecologies of socio-technical solutions that are mutually synergetic. Systemic innovation incorporates social values, technological creativity, economic opportunity and environmental integrity informed by a systemic understanding the dynamics of collective creativity and processes of interdependent emergence.

Current Research Projects

Resonating~Business in a Resonating~World

LINPR Research Project Summary
By Mr. David Talmor
01 February 2022

Resonating~Business in a Resonating~World connects two end-points — Resonating~Business as a practical, common day-to-day activity and the Resonating~World as a universal, systemic definition of how the world works — using Nikola Tesla’s observation: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Research Hypothesis: Applying principles expressed by Nikola Tesla to business enhances business performance while leading to broader benefit.

Objective and Expected Result: Resonating~Business in a Resonating~World will provide a framework for understanding Nikola Tesla’s “secrets of the universe” quote and a roadmap for the application of that framework to business. The framework is necessarily based on energy, frequency, and vibration, and both the framework and its application to business will expand to include other disciplines as well.

While Resonating~Business in a Resonating~World encompasses aspects of Nikola Tesla’s approach, and some people may have a bias based on his unusual background, methods, and characteristics, this initiative completely utilizes the scientific and commonly-accepted elements of energy, vibration, frequency, amplitude, and resonating. These are the foundations of the project, and so even though the project is informed to a significant degree by Nikola Tesla’s thinking the project is fully set on accepted scientific ground as shown at

Potential Impact: The Resonating~Business in a Resonating~World process may lead to localized or broader benefits as described above, trigger the establishment of or promote the development of a full “Science of Resonating Interdependence”, lead to thought processes and conversations among people within the scope of this effort and beyond regarding the nature of the universe and their role in it, create conditions for the discovery of fire for a second time, or other potential impacts.

In order to create the potential for broad impact it is important to note that despite the wide scope of this work, from business functionality to the secrets of the universe, it will not be presented solely as an academic work. It is oriented toward being readable and understandable by a broad variety of people with an interest in the topics covered and a significant level of knowledge and thoughtfulness in at least some of the topics. It presents and integrates the intuitive/feeling together with the scientific/technical in a manner such as demonstrated in The~Art~and~Science~of~Resonating, and does not hesitate to propose supportable innovative thinking in addition to new understandings of existing phenomenon.