The research area of New Paradigm Business explores the principles and practices that inform conscious business practice in the 21st century.  New domains of business knowledge and practice are considered in ways that move progressively out from an understanding of the workings of the firm, to that of the industry, to that of society, to that of living ecosystemic contexts, to that of the integral health and wellbeing of our planet, to that of the quantum realm and the subtle connections of entanglement, to that of consciousness and sentience as non-local and transtemporal information fields that stand to inform business.



The subdomain of research into Quantum Leadership and Impact addresses how insights from quantum physics, quantum consciousness and computational technology provide guidance for the holistic, systemic, integral and collective intelligence potential of organization leadership and development.


Systemic Innovation provides a research focus on systems of shared solutions that emerge from the collective intelligence of innovation leaders and designers that are both globally informed and locally relevant in their application.  Research includes exploration of new methods, models and means of emerging innovation ecologies of socio-technical solutions that are mutually synergetic. Systemic innovation incorporates social values, technological creativity, economic opportunity and environmental integrity informed by a systemic understanding the dynamics of collective creativity and processes of interdependent emergence.