The Laszlo Institute ETS invites your generous donation in your and our shared interest.

The Laszlo Institute ETS is a social and public benefit foundation dedicated to the common good.  Your donation will be used exclusively for the research, articulation and dissemination of a new paradigm in thinking and acting, to help individuals, businesses, communities, and in the final count the whole human family to pull out of the crisis and find the way to a fair and sustainable world that promotes the flourishing of life and the advance of the human spirit on this planet.  

Donations — starting with fifty Euros and its multiples — enter a fund to compensate young people as well as recognized leading thinkers and scientists for their dedicated work and cover the incidental costs of their engagement. The results are to be published by the Institute’s own communications on the Internet, and may be included in the Institute’s peer-reviewed periodical World Futures: The Journal of New Paradigm Research (Routledge, London and Philadelphia) or may be published in the Institute’s New Paradigm Books series (Select Books, New York).


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Pursuant to Italian law, a Third Sector Organization or Ente del Terzo Settore (“ETS”) is a not-for-profit private organization or entity that pursues civic, solidarity and social benefits purposes carrying out, exclusively or principally, activities of general interest in an accountable and transparent way.