New Paradigm Education takes into account not only learning dynamics that address knowledge acquisition and skill competencies, but also learning to be as well as learning to be together; what is also known as learning for conviviality.   This inquiry covers research orientations from social and emotional learning to somatic, kinesthetic and collective learning dynamics.



The area of Systemic and Holistic Learning approaches considers trends and conceptions that promote multicultural, transdisciplinary and immersive learning rather than the standard teaching of traditional materials in classroom settings. Research includes curriculum-development and the practical application of emerging conceptions in beyond-the-school real-world settings.   


Evolutionary Learning Communities learn how to learn in harmony with the dynamics of their evolving environment.  When two or more such communities embark on a shared learning path for the joint creation of meaning, an Evolutionary Learning Ecosystem emerges.  The collective intelligence harnessed in such engagements offers new horizons for individual and collective learning dynamics.  Approaches and methodologies that foster the emergence of these systems of collective learning form the focus of this research area.

New Initiative


CommUnity is a project of the Laszlo Institute that utilizes a vision of educational innovation to empower learning communities.

It does this by harnessing the power of collective intelligence to provide creative solutions to common needs and opportunities in diverse learning environments.

The learning communities of CommUnity engage in co-creation and prototyping practical solutions through a process that embodies individual and collective well-being sourced from empathy and joy. It is focused on, and is being developed by, young people from around the world.

More information on the current focus of the project to gain funding and support can be found here: