New Paradigm in Holistic Health & Medicine Conference – Thank You for Attending!

Jul 28, 2017 | News

The ‘New Paradigm in Holistic Health & Medicine’ conference held at the Laszlo Institute on July 12th and 13th was a great success! We have brought together a number of highly regarded and highly respected speakers who operate at the cutting edge of medical science but are united by their wider belief that health is a holistic phenomenon. Our gratitude and thanks go out to all our wonderful speakers who shared their inspirational stories and profound wisdom about holistic health and wellbeing.

Thank you to:


Nitamo Montecucco;

Simon Fox;

Manetti Ceschi;

Ann Boone;

Siegmar Gerken;

Carlo Ventura;

Robert Williams;

Vera Brandes;

Dieter Broers;

Marcus Schmieke.

Thanks also to the Founder of the Institute Professor Ervin Laszlo for opening the conference with his keynote address.

I must also thank everyone who came to support the conference and traveled long distances to participate and contribute to the event. We cannot run these conferences without you and we hugely appreciate your presence as part of our growing Institute ‘family’ of friends and supporters.

Our thoughts are now turning to the next conference on September 5th and 5th which is already proving extremely popular. The theme is ‘The New Paradigm in Science and Consciousness’ and we have a lot of amazing speakers lined up so watch this space! The Programme will be published in just a few days from now on our new Event website where you can register for the conference and get the latest info.

Until then enjoy the Summer weather and don’t forget to join up as Members of the Institute. We need you all!

With Love and Gratitude