LET’S GET SYNC’D! With Two Time Nobel Nominee Prof Ervin Laszlo

Oct 15, 2017 | News

“A Limb + a Lung + a Heart + a Head + a Liver + Blood + a Kidney are all vital parts of a human body. So why isn’t an Asia + a North America + a Europe + a South America + an Australia + an Africa + an Antarctica not part of a global body? In fact these continental cousins are… as well as the individuals within these man-made constructs which brand and define us as distinctly separate.

Planet Persons are as unique as they are unified — both notions of which now threaten to divide. Such is the thrill of talking to a miracle named Ervin Laszlo who helps us unravel the riddle of being alive, during The International Transpersonal Conference in Prague led by one of its esteemed founders in the field, Stanislav Grof (and numerous compelling other speakers like Dean Radin, Jill Purce, Richard Tarnas, Raymond Moody). Watching and hearing this video of Ervin is a necessary reminder that He is not separate from Me or We. Ervin is a reflection of the potential within us all, in whatever specific and unique attribute each of us is already imbued with. We all need love… and from “StanisLove to LaszLove”, there is an abundance to be seen within our hidden nature and then seed.”


More info: Synchronistory & Simpol

Video by Ervin Laszlo & Alison Goldwyn