The Immutable Laws of the Akashic Field

Aug 2, 2021 | Published Books & Articles

The Immutable Laws of the Akashic Field: Universal Truths for a Better Life and a Better World

by Ervin Laszlo (Author)

The Akashic Field is a cosmic field in which all information and knowledge is interconnected and preserved. Our very reality is anchored in this vast sea of connected information that gives rise to everything―from specks of stardust in the outer cosmos to consciousness itself. In The Immutable Laws of the Akashic Field, Dr. Ervin Laszlo, renowned authority in the fields of new science, consciousness, and spirituality, has written an accessible introduction to the mysteries of the Akashic Field, explaining how leading science supports this ancient intuition of the deep reality of the universe. More about on

“To read this work, the potent explorations of Ervin Laszlo and the visionary essays of the contributing au- thors, is a journey of radical and radiant discovery. What is revealed in Ervin Laszlo’s seminal thinking, and in the pages of this book, is an evolutionary event, a rev- elation that announces the “punctuated” equilibrium that at- tends evolutionary jumps. We are in Jump Time. Our job is to know this, and to participate in, make use of, its powers.” – Jean Houston

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