online symposium the new paradigm in cosmology


DAY 1 | 04 DEC 2021

INTRO | Cosmology is the study of the origin and evolution of the cosmos. Throughout history it has served as the backbone for all cultures, as it explains humanity’s place and role in the cosmos. Today, in our modern scientifically based culture new paradigm cosmologies are emerging which though based on science tend to mirror ancient spiritual revelations. By uniting science and spirituality these cosmologies serve as the foundation for an emerging new paradigm; a shift in human consciousness upon which a more equitable and sustainable world will form.

During the symposium, leading cosmologists presented their latest thoughts and theories. They  explored what led to the big bang, the role of consciousness in the cosmos, how consciousness interacts with the brain, the nature of reality, the non-dual aspect of existence, and non-locality. We also explored the process through which past scientific paradigm shifts occurred, and the cultural and spiritual impacts of emerging new cosmologies. We was also hear about ancient Chinese cosmology, and soul’s cosmic quest.

It is the Laszlo Institute’s mission to provide a platform for research into various aspects of the emerging new paradigm. As this new paradigm will affect all aspects of life, the Institute adopts a transdisciplinary approach, embracing research in the natural and the social sciences, education, health, business, and the domain of spirituality.

Opening Remarks by Ervin Laszlo, President of The Laszlo Institute

SESSION 1 | In the first session we will hear from several leading new paradigm cosmologists. Each has developed a cosmology from a unique perspective. One approach starts with existing science and illustrates how it reveals that the universe is a unified, holographically manifested entity with an impulse to evolve from simplicity to complexity.

A second approach hypothesizes that existing science is not complete as it is unable to explain consciousness. In order to be complete, consciousness and free will must be seen as fundamental aspects of nature from which quantum mechanics and classical mechanics emerge.

A third approach hypothesizes that in order to make existing science complete, scientific and spiritual cosmologies must be combined into a single vision resulting in a new framework of physics that explains the origins of the cosmos and the role of consciousness in its evolution.

Richard Blum
The Existence Framework – Unifying Scientific and Spiritual Cosmologies

Federico Faggin
The Nature of Consciousness

Jude Currivan
The Cosmic Hologram – A Cosmology of a Conscious and Evolutionary Universe

SESSION 2 | In this session we will continue to explore additional new paradigm cosmologies. One approach views the physical universe as the product of one’s own consciousness.

Another approach presents the universe as being guided by information from hyper-dimensional semantic fields. Also in this session, we will explore the impact cosmologies have on cultures as well as the process by which new paradigms become accepted.

Deepak Chopra
Nature of Reality

Ghada Chehade
Cultural Impacts of Cosmology and the Paradigm Shift Process

Adrian Klein
A Hyperdimensional Information-driven and Sub-quantum-Inspired Cosmology?

The event is free of charge, however we have ongonig running costs and expenses, so please consider making a donation in our shared interest.

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Musical performance by Chloe Goodchild

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We are thrilled to have brought together so many thought and action leaders from around the world. Many new ideas, trends, opportunities and solutions emerged. Let’s continue our exchanges and brain-storming, heart-speaking, hand-engaging!

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