online symposium the new paradigm in cosmology


DAY 2 | 05 DEC 2021

In the 3rd and 4th sessions we continue to explore new paradigm cosmologies as well as past cosmologies that have shaped civilizations. First we will hear how the integration of science and spirituality can be achieved through recognizing the creativity that the quantum worldview offers.

Then we will learn about ancient Chinese cosmology, as well as various cosmologies that have shaped Western civilizations. And finally, we will explore how new paradigm cosmologies can become the foundation of a life-centered thrivable world in a New World Paradigm.

Amit Goswami
Quantum Integration of Science and Spirituality

Frederick Tsao
Ancient Chinese Cosmology

Anne Baring
The Dream of the Cosmos: a New Cosmology

Anneloes Smitsman
Applying the Cosmic Architecture of Consciousness for a New World Paradigm

Panel discussion & Concluding session

Question that the panel will discuss:

  • What features do the various cosmologies have in common? How do they diverge?
  • What common goals do the various cosmologies share?
  • Is it important that the science community accept new paradigm cosmologies?

Panel Discussion

Ervin Laszlo
Live Q&A Session

Alexander Laszlo
Recaps the Symposium

The event is free of charge, however we have ongonig running costs and expenses, so please consider making a donation in our shared interest.

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Chloe Goodchild: Voice exercise with the audience

James O’Dea reads his Invocation poem

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We are thrilled to have brought together so many thought and action leaders from around the world. Many new ideas, trends, opportunities and solutions emerged. Let’s continue our exchanges and brain-storming, heart-speaking, hand-engaging!

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