FEB 22, 2022

The Laszlo Upshift Festival

Wiser Living on Planet Earth

Celebrating the upshift to the bright alternative through the publication of a milestone book, an exclusive podcast series, advanced action seminars and an insightful TV Documentary.

| Part 1 | Live session – 60 minutes

| Part 2 | Pre-recorded video messages – 120 minutes

| Part 3 | The closing ceremony

| Extract | Talking about the Laszlo Institute

Conversation with Ervin Laszlo

Bill & Gayle Gladstone

Lynne McTaggart
Anne Baring

Ervin Laszlo: The Upshift

Wiser Living on Planet Earth – A Handbook for Urgent Action.

A print book, e-book, and audiobook

Waterside Publication

the upshift book cover

The Upshift, What will happen…

During the Upshift Festival, we will connect online to celebrate the book launch of Ervin Laszlo. There will be dialogues between the author and the hosts, reading excerpts from the book, Q&A with the audience and special guest appearances! A trailer for the PBS documentary about Dr Laszlo’s life will be shown as well as snippets from the new Upshift Podcast series by the Shift Network.

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Join Us LIVE on Zoom!
Stars on Febr 22
at 9:00 am PT / 6:00 pm CET

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upshift by ervin laszlo

The Upshift Conversations with Ervin Laszlo

A series of exclusive podcasts by the Shift Network

You Can Shift the World!

Announcing the advanced action seminars hosted by the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research in association with the AITIA Institute.

dawn of an new era of well-being podcast

The Insight and Inspiration of a Modern-Day Genius: Ervin Laszlo

A one-hour documentary Special for PBS, by Boone Media International. The Doc Trailer

Dawn of an Era of Well-Being

Associated Podcast series with various guests, hosted by Ervin Laszlo & Frederick Tsao. Moderator: Alison Goldwyn.

The Doc Trailer, ERVIN LASZLO

Life of a Modern-Day Genius

The event is free of charge, however we have ongonig running costs and expenses, so please consider making a donation in our shared interest.

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