We are happy to share with you and  our community of energy healers and spiritual seekers a brand-new, one-of-a-kind course with Dr. Mária Sági who is on the scientific advisory board of the Laszlo Institute.

It is a course in “Holistic Information Medicine”, endorsed among others by
Dr Ervin Laszlo and Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Conducted by Dr. Mária Sági, Executive Director of The Club of Budapest
this 7 months long online immersion course will start on Friday the 27th of January 2023 from 7am PT/ 10am ET/ 3pm BST/ 4pm CET.

The course will consist of seven sessions, each lasting two to three hours, and will be offered once every 4 weeks over the period of seven months.

It will be based on Maria’s recent books Healing with Information (O-Books London) and Remote Healing (Inner Traditions Rochester).

You will be provided with a workbook to accompany the course.

The course is enriched with two videos recorded by Dr. Ervin Laszlo, discussing the quantum field as the basis for the transmission of information.

Maria will teach you the art and method of remote healing. 

You will have opportunities to try out your newly acquired skills on your classmates during the course.

Course objectives

  • Learn how to treat patients remotely using Dr. Sági’s proven methods
  • Receive two enriching videos from Dr. Ervin Laszlo
  • Understand how to use a bio-indicator to diagnose patients remotely
  • Enhance and make your current healing practice more precise and effective
  • Acquaint you with the entire dimension of informational healing for your personal and professional use
  • Identify the range of health issues amenable to treatment by information

Video Endorsement

When does it start?

The course start on Jan 27

Class schedule:
7am PT / 10am ET / 3pm BST / 4pm CET
Although it is unusual to vary the day of the week for the seminar, in this case,  we decided to do so since the fine-energy testing by Maria indicates the following days with the most favorable energy conditions. This way we are assured of optimal conditions for remote healing.

The cost of participating in this unique Healing Course
is 497 Euro for the full 7-month course.