New Research project by Shae Brown

Mar 7, 2024 | News

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Complexity Patterning Curriculum for Transformational Education

This research project is focused on the educational curriculum design required for the teaching and learning of relational complexity competence.

Such competence includes perceiving, thinking with, embodied knowing, and acting through an understanding of complex phenomena as co-generative and participatory.

Latest Events

The Earthkeeper’s Summit 2023

The Earthkeeper’s Summit 2023

Ervin Laszlo will be participating in the annual Earthkeeper’s Summit 2023. This event is an incredible opportunity to get inspired and find new ways to give back to the Earth.

Holistic Information Medicine – The Course

Holistic Information Medicine – The Course

We are happy to share with you and  our community of energy healers and spiritual seekers a brand-new, one-of-a-kind course with Dr. Mária Sági who is on the scientific advisory board of the Laszlo Institute. It is a course in “Holistic Information Medicine”, endorsed among others by Dr Ervin Laszlo and Dr. Bruce Lipton.