EARTHwise Centre

EARTHwise Centre

Education, storytelling, research, architecture, leadership, and collaboration for becoming the future humans of a regenerative and thrivable world.

EARTHwise Centre a non-profit company, dedicated to providing leadership, education, research and design for the transition to a thrivable civilization.

The word “EARTHwise” means to live and act from the wisdom of our planet, based on the Cosmic architecture of Life.

Our organization is registered in Mauritius with international chapters in Europe, Argentina, the USA and Australia.

Through our EARTHwise education programs and online courses we support people to develop their capacities as “future humans” of a new era.

EARTHwise Centre was founded to support humanity and our Earth during this tipping point time of catalytic changes, by facilitating the necessary capacity development, leadership, governance, and systemic architecture for co-creating a regenerative and thrivable world.

Our services support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while taking this further to lead for whole systems change.