2013: The Beginning Is Here

Jan 16, 2011 | News, Published Books & Articles


by Ervin Laszlo (Author) , Geoff Stray (Author) , Jose Arguelles (Author) , John Major Jenkins (Author) , Young Jim (Editor)

This anthology offers wide-ranging views by various global experts about the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, as well as related prophecies and associated physical changes of Earth’s structure. The purpose of this collection is to broaden your perspective about such issues and concerns, so you can discern for yourself what your commitment to planetary life will be-and then to demonstrate your commitment into being, beginning this very instant.


Table of Contents 







Dr. Ervin Laszlo: Chaos Point 2012 — Science and Prophecy


Dr. José A. Argüelles: The 2012 Prophecy and the Harmonic Convergence of 2012


Dr. Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee: A Prophecy and a Prayer


Eden Sky: The Living Prophecy; Exploring the Mystery of 2012


Geoff Stray: 2012 — THe Imminent Emergence


Dr. Mark Van Stone: What the Maya Tell Us About 2012


Dr. Carl Johan Calleman: Creating the Intention for the Unity Consciousness of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar!


Gill Edwards: Conscious Medicine


Miguel Angel Vergara: The Maya Prophecies for 2012


Teressena and Martien Bakens: The Teachings of the Serpent and the Mayan Prophecy


Dr. James H. Young: So? Live 2013 Now!


Nicolya Christi: A Tomorrow Unknown


Aluna Joy Yaxk’in: 2012 — The Great Equalizer

About the Co-Authors


Ervin Laszlo (principal author), published or edited forty-seven books translated into twenty-four languages, is Founder and Director of the The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research and Editor-in-Chief of World Futures: the Journal of New Paradigm Research.


Dr. Jim Young is President Emeritus of SUNY College at Potsdam, NY, and Chancellor Emeritus of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He is also an award-winning spiritual author, poet and program presenter. A practicing graduate of the Pecos Benedictine Monastery School for Spiritual Directors, Young has served as visiting Minister Emeritus of the Creative Life Church in Hot Springs, AR (New Thought) and was the co-founder of the Aristotle Group and the Arkansas Metaphysical Society.

A contributor on Internet programs, Young faithfully follows his inner calling by writing about and leading others from various religious and spiritual traditions to the deeper, life-changing meaning and purpose for them. Jim’s writings, presentations and teachings re-frame Life’s journey from one of separation and the chaos separation engenders, across the spiritual threshold to Oneness, and the inner joy and peace that witness this perspective. Dr. Young is a gifted inspirational speaker who often uses Life’s stories to convey spiritual meaning, and inspires others to look within for the Truth that transcends the superficial.



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