Ervin Laszlo – The Tulum Proclamation

Nov 20, 2017 | Events

The meeting of NetSpirit, the Club of Budapest, and the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research in Tulum comes at a critical juncture in the history of humankind: the future of civilization hangs in the balance.

We have reached what we have been calling “the chaos point” — the point where the old is no longer functional and the new is not yet born. This is where history can be made. Not until such a time can shifts in human values and vision create shifts in human behavior, and shifts in human behavior decide the fate of generations yet to come. Not until today could the perceptions of so few decide the fate of so many.

We, of NetSpirit, The Club of Budapest, and The Laszlo Institute, are dedicated to be the vanguard of the change we need on this planet. We know that crisis is both danger and opportunity.

The danger is to fail to lift our eyes from the ground in front of our feet, and to allow the gathering storm of conflict and destruction spell the end of civilization.

The opportunity is to rediscover who we are, and recognize how we fit into the web of life on this planet.

The new paradigm — the paradigm of cosmos and consciousness emerging at the cutting edge of the sciences — —combines the latest discoveries in the empirical sciences with the timeless wisdom of the great spiritual traditions. Recognizing and living this paradigm is the key to our wellbeing, our life, and our future. It is a beacon that illuminates the bonds that link us to each other, and to all living things on this planet.

We are not strangers on the Earth, but expressions of the trend that unfolds in the universe. We are evolved expressions of the force that joins the proton and the neutron to form the nucleus of the atom, and attracts electrons to build complex atoms — and atoms to build molecules and molecules and cells to create living organisms. That force is in us. It “in-forms” every cell of our brain and of our body. If we go with evolution, with the force that is in us, we become whole and healthy. We strive for cooperation and not for cooperation.  We aspire to be whole rather than to be first. We live healthy, eat healthy, and intend health and wellbeing for others.

We are coherent as consumers and as producers, as communicators and as conscious global citizens—knowing that our actions, and even our intentions, have an effect on the world.

Going with the force of evolution every breath we take, every action we undertake, is inspired by a striving for coherence within us, and coherence with the world around us… by the striving for supercoherence.

We know what we need to do: every conscious person does. Now we need to bring up the will to act on what we know. We need to muster the will to strive for supercoherence, knowing that on the effective presence of this will depends our wellbeing, and the wellbeing of the human family.

The danger that faces us is real, and it is imminent. But so is the opportunity that not only averts the danger, but uses it as the fulcrum on which to build a humane and sustainable world. We are the vanguard of evolution in this corner of the universe, and we cannot let that evolution come to an untimely end.  We can, and when joining together with like-minded people as we do today, we will be the change we need in the world.

November, 2017